WI leads community effort for garden revamp!

17 March 2017

clegg Construction helping with community project

Clegg Construction has just started paving works to support the rejuvenation of Barker Gate Rest Garden in Nottingham city's Creative Quarter.

This historical green space, created in the 1950s, had fallen into disrepair but will be transformed thanks to Nottingham City Women's Institute and Nottingham City Council taking joint responsibility to reinstate the space into its former glory.

Staff from Clegg Construction and Maber Architects' Landscape team are providing their services for free and working with members of Nottingham WI to create defined spaces within the park, including a section dedicated to wild flowers.

This will be allowed to go to seed after flowering, to provide feeding and nesting opportunities for wildlife and also to produce nutritious leaf mulch and house a carefully designed insect hotel, allowing a variety of insects to breed and hibernate.

Sarah Manton, President of Nottingham City WI, said: "Barker Gate Rest Garden has existed as a public space since 1953, but has been in need of rejuvenation for a number of years.

Working alongside Nottingham City Council and with the invaluable help of both Clegg Construction and Maber Architects, we will be creating a new pocket park in the space, which is great news for the Creative Quarter and Nottingham city centre as a whole."

Clegg Construction's Managing Director, Simon Blackburn comments: "Giving back to the community is important to us, so we are more than happy to contribute to the works at the garden, especially as it is just a short walk away from our office.

Whlist Clegg Construction is providing the paving works, the joint effort between all parties shows a real community spirit."