Clegg Construction completes Maltby Grammar School renovation scheme

28 April 2024

Clegg Construction has completed an exciting £5.9m renovation scheme to transform Maltby Grammar School near Rotherham into a community resource and education centre.

The renovated Maltby Grammar School will accommodate local services, support wellbeing, employment and enterprise, and provide substantial learning opportunities.

The building will also extend Maltby Learning Trust’s post-16 specialist facilities and create an incubator space for training, apprenticeships and start-up support in the leisure and hospitality sectors.

As part of the scheme, Clegg worked with clock repair and dial restoration specialists, Smith of Derby Ltd, to repair the iconic clock tower at Maltby Grammar School – getting it working again for the first time in ten years.

Local investment and employment 

During the course of the project, Clegg invested more than £3m into the local economy by using local labour and materials wherever possible.

The company’s commitment to South Yorkshire provided local employment opportunities for those living in the area which also enabled reduced travel-to-work times and distances – helping the environment too.

Nine former Maltby Grammar School students, as well as a number of people from the Maltby area, were part of the workforce.

In addition, Clegg supported careers events at Maltby Academy, sponsored Maltby Learning Trust’s 2023 annual staff conference and awards, and also delivered 212.5kg of food, nappies and other donated items to Maltby Foodbank for distribution to local families as part of its commitment to the area.

Quote from Ross Crowcroft - Pre-Construction Director @ Clegg Construction

Pre-construction director at Clegg Construction Ross Crowcroft said: “We are delighted to have handed over the repurposed and renovated Maltby Grammar School to Maltby Learning Trust.

“The building has had a distinguished past and now has a bright future as a superb community resource, providing local services and learning facilities.

“Clegg Construction takes pride in supporting local communities wherever we work, which has been aptly demonstrated by our commitment to the local economy in the Maltby and South Yorkshire area and the people who live there.

“We wish Maltby Learning Trust all the best as Maltby Grammar School once again comes to life to provide facilities for the local community.”

Quote from David Sutton - CEO @ Maltby Learning Trust

Maltby Learning Trust CEO, David Sutton, said: “We are thrilled with the work that Clegg Construction has done to renovate and refurbish the former Maltby Grammar School Building. The Trust will now be working to fit out the interior of the multi-purpose building to make it suitable for our sixth form, business, and community audiences.
“This project will make a huge difference to the area by offering a space for people to learn, reskill, work, and thrive. We are looking forward to opening the building later in the year with a series of events.”

History, funding and wider project team

Built in the early 1930s, the school closed in 2012 and had fallen into a state of disrepair after being mothballed.

The redevelopment project was part of a winning bid to the Government’s Levelling Up Fund secured by Rotherham Council, which focused on boosting the leisure and hospitality sectors in the area. The Levelling Up Fund provided £4.5m towards the project.

Other members of the team involved in the scheme included Self Architects, engineer GCA Ltd and employer’s agent and project manager Cube.

Pictured (L to R): Ross Crowcroft (Pre-Construction Director - Clegg Construction), David Sutton (CEO - Maltby Learning Trust), and Craig Gibbons (Contracts Manager - Clegg Construction).